Hutchinson - St. Teresa*
Holy Cross, Hutchinson

*Students from St. Teresa attend school at 
  Holy Cross Catholic School in Hutchinson

Message from Pastor

St. Teresa is a vital part of our local community, and our children play an important role, participating in many of our parish ministries. Our children who attend Catholic schools not only receive the academic training and discipline to form them into good members of society, but they also discover a real relationship with Jesus Christ, which we can see especially in the beginnings of a prayer life.

With your generous help through the Drexel Fund, we hope to send even more of our children to parish schools and give them the opportunity to meet Jesus every day in a Catholic education.

Fr. Mike Maybrier

Our Statistics

Elementary School: Holy Cross
Amy Wagoner
Founded: 1962

       # Elementary Students: 25*      
       # High School Students: 18
       % Free or reduced lunches: 44%


*This represents the number of K-6 students from our parish only. Total enrollment for Holy Cross Catholic School is 294.

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Allocation of Parish Ordinary Income
HOLG* This tithe to United Catholic Stewardship
supports the needs of the Universal Church.

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