Chanute - St. Patrick

Message from Pastor

At Saint Patrick's, our students learn early-on how important stewardship is in our parish, in our school, and in our Diocese, because they see it on a daily basis. Whether it's through the example of the many people who volunteer their time and talents in the classroom, lunch room, school office, etc., or through the activities that the students participate in themselves (such as serving, greeting, and lectoring at Mass), our school allows our students to see that stewardship and following Jesus in life go hand-in-hand.

The Drexel Fund allows us to provide resources so as to meet the needs of individual students, enabling each of them to become more successful in the classroom, especially in the areas of reading and mathematics.

Fr. Michael Linnebur

Our Statistics

Principal: Mary Durand
Founded: 1920

       # Students: 100     
       % Free or reduced lunches: 36%
       # Teachers: 7


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Allocation of Parish Ordinary Income
Diocese Graph* This tithe to United Catholic Stewardship
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