Criteria for parish participation in
the Drexel Fund:

In order to receive funding, the parish must meet the following requirements:

  1. All grants received from The Drexel Fund must be spent on Catholic school education.
  2. Serious effort must be given to strengthening stewardship as a way of life as measured by the annual stewardship grant application.
  3. Parishes with schools must spend at least 50% of Sunday income on Catholic school education. Parishes without schools must spend at least 25% of Sunday income on Catholic school education.
  4. At least 30% of the parish students enrolled in Catholic schools must qualify for free or reduced lunch. If a parish's average dips below 30% for one year, the parish will receive a one year exemption.
  5. The parish must have at least fifteen low income students.
  6. Any high school direct support and subsidy debt must be reduced year over year.
  7. The school must have a written strategic plan with measurable goals to meet the benchmarks for competitive Catholic school.

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